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Strategic Growth Planning

Strategic planning is the key to building a strong company. We will walk you step by step through the strategic planning process while developing your core values, mission statement and vision for your organization. This process can be kick started with a full day team building strategy session lead by one of our certified facilitators.

Executive Performance Coaching

We help CEO's get unstuck. We provide systems and processes to help build value,  increase productivity and grow profits. We hold the CEO accountability to their goals and lay out clear priorities, action plans and KPI's for organizational success.

Leadership Development Trainging

As a certified independent John Maxwell Leadership and Personal Development Trainer our organization is committed to adding value to the people we serve.  Our certified facilitators deliver world class content is such a way that makes for an awesome learning experience.  Were able to deliver our training as half-day, full-day or Lunch and Learn sessions.

Why Coaching?

Being in business for yourself dosen't mean you have to be in business by yourself.

Coaching involves a series of confidential conversations. It begins with a review of what's going well, what is your source of satisfaction and where you have concerns? This leads to an exploration of future goals and ambitions before looking at what needs to change for those goals to be achieved, what competencies are called for and what resources and support are required for success.

Our Approach to Coaching


Where are you now?


Where do you want to go?

Action Plannning

How will we get there?


How will we know  when we get there?

Our Coaching Process

Our Coaching Result

Deadra Welcome

Andre's CEO Roundtable was amazing.  I was in the room with other CEO's who were willing to share and assisted in shifting my thoughts around scaling my business.

Mary Jones

I started my business 5 years ago. However I was unable to get consistent customers until I started working with Emerge Business Coaching. They provided the tools and systems I was missing to grow my business.

Densil Bennett

I have had the pleasure of working with Andre Smith of Emerge as my business coach. Having Andre as a sounding board during the launch of my company Urban Style Media made all the difference. 

Our Clients
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