Frequently Asked Questions

 01  What is coaching?

Coaching involves a series of confidential conversations with an individual. It begins with a review of what's going well, what is their source of satisfaction and where they have concerns? This leads to an exploration of future goals and ambitions before looking at what needs to change for those goals to be achieved, what competencies are called for and what resources and support are required for success?




 02  What makes the coaching process so powerful?

It’s the contract of confidentiality which allows the business owner, in total trust, to explore the issues that would not normally be discussed at work. A skilled coach can help to identify key issues or pain points, provide feedback and explore new options, or help develop new skills to properly address the issues or pain points.




 03  Is there data to support the effectiveness of coaching?

Research has proven a 570% return on initial investment in coaching. The study went on to report that executives who received coaching reported the following benefits as tangible business impacts 

(% = frequency impact reported):

* Productivity (53%)
* Quality (48%)
* Organizational strength (48%)
* Customer service (39%)
* Reduced customer complaints (34%)
* Company Retention of Executives who received coaching (32%)
* Cost Reductions (23%)
* Bottom Line Profitability (22%)
* Top Line Revenue (14%)
* Reduced turnover (12%)

The executives who received coaching also reported intangible business impact benefits through improved:

* Relationships with direct reports (77%)
* Relationships with immediate supervisors (71%)
* Teamwork (67%)
* Relationships With Peers (63%)
* Job Satisfaction (61%)
* Reduced Conflict (52%)
* Increased Organizational Commitment (44%)
* Relationships With Clients (37%)

Study conducted by McGovern, Lindemann, Vergara, Murphy, Barker and Warrenfeltz with Manchester, Inc.




 04  What do you find to be the top challenges of small businesses?

Fortunately, I've been blessed to spend the past several years coaching entrepreneurs just like you through the minefield of business ownership and growth.  During that time, I've helped my clients break through their constraints and unlock incredible sources of revenue and free time in their businesses and lives.


So what are the challenges?


Exit Strategy. Until you have a definite "end game" in mind for your business, you'll never be able to create the freedom you crave!


Strategic Plan.  Do you know EXACTLY how to take your business from where it is now to where you want it to be?  If not, then you need a Tactical Strategy.


Employee Acquisition Plan.  Spend way too much time managing unmotivated employees or dealing with staff drama?  This is why.

Strategic Marketing Plan.  If you aren't getting a constant, predictable stream of high-quality, ready-to-buy leads and prospects, you're making this killer mistake!

Sales Management System.  All the leads in the world will do you no good until you can close them.  If your cash flow is weak or erratic, you have an ineffective sales system.


Time Management Plan.  Even the most successful entrepreneurs in the world should be able to enjoy life and their loved ones.  If your business is running you -- instead of the other way around -- then you need a better time management system.